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Zen Sushi Rzeszow


We are pleased to inform the fans of ZEN cuisine that since the spring of 2013, there has been operating the second Zen Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant in Rzeszów. The five- star Bristol hotel, located on the main market, has invited ZEN to its beautiful interior. The restaurant is slightly different from the Cracow precursor, nevertheless, the most important elements of the décor have been maintained- a bar with floating boats, tatami rooms as well as elegant and comfortable tables.

In the menu you can find the most popular ZEN dishes: teriyaki duck, hotate, edamame and many others, as well as sushi created as per the concept of an open bar. The admirers of Japanese cuisine visiting Rzeszów ZEN can sit at the bar and order sushi composed by themselves or ask the Sushi Master to prepare it according to his idea. Sushi Masters, waitresses and waiters of Rzeszów ZEN have come a long way to learn how to serve the guests at the level represented by Cracow ZEN. We hope that ZEN in Rzeszów will meet your expectations and will charm you with its exceptional ambience, created, among others, by the exclusive interior of the Bristol Hotel that it will capture your imagination and will take you to the Land of Cherry Blossoms?